Grand Ultimate Wireless

. PC to TV Converter with 2.4Ghz AV Sender
     (Developed With Grandtec ASIC chips)


Grand Ultimate Wireless is a VGA to TV converter with an integrated 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter & separate Receiver. Transmit the computer's video and audio to any remote TV. It is ideal for Internet or DVD/VCD movie viewing, presentations, baby/patient monitoring, burglary detection, theft prevention, or home/company monitoring.

   Products Features


Plug and Display, no software required
Supports four selectable channels CHANNEL 1~ CHANNEL 4, RGB enable, YUV enable and multiple receivers (available separately) Transmits (Composite Video and Stereo Audio), ISM Band from 2414~2468Mhz
Simultaneous display on TV, Remote TV and VGA monitor
Supports NTSC,NTSC-EIAJ,PAL-N, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-combination-N and SECAM (via RGB OUT) video system
Supports CVBS, S-VIDEO or RGB video outputs by switch change (via wired connections)
Simultaneous RGB and CVBS output signal on RGB out connector
True 24 bit, true color digitizer
User controls: MENU, ZOOM, FINE TUNE,SAVE,VIDEO SOURCE,POWER & Position adjustments
Menu key supports Freeze, Size, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Video Standard, Flicker, OSD color, Reset
Adjustable H-SIZE and V-SIZE
64 stages control of: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation adjustment
16 stages control of: Fine Tune (Sharpness), Flicker adjustment
Stereo Audio input from sound card or any audio device
Distance : Open area is 100 meters, indoor is 30 meters. (Actual range may vary depending on environment)
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